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sat 10 mar - VAKUNOHT (glasgow) + BLOODNUT

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fudge Aberdeen & the Moorings Bar present:

Saturday 10th March - ‘Release Your Kraken’ with The Tag-Team DJ Duo

VAKUNOHT (Glasgow)

The “Vakunøht” vessel was launched with a crew of four

cosmonauts from an earth parking orbit on 04.02.2037, setting

out on what should have been a routine 120 day reconnaissance

procedure to make studies of the Venusian atmosphere...

Tonight, experience their story through song - featuring a sexual

encounter with an intelligent cephalopod and other unlikely tales.


Support TBC

Strictly 18+ only as usual. Free entry before 8.45pm, £3

thereafter until close. First act onstage 9pm-ish.

Plus! Our rotating monthly clubnight 'RELEASE YOUR

KRAKEN', where the Kraken DJ Duo will be tag-teaming

their way through the cream of rock, metal, punk, indie,

grunge, pop and stoner from the past forty or fifty years.

It could end quite literally anywhere, musically speaking.

Bottled beers sourced from the furthest corners of the

darkest continents! A vast selection of draft beers! Proper

ciders! T-shirts! Chess! The jukebox! Karaoke! Connect

Four! CAMRA discount! Student discount! There's even

PIRATE discount if you look the part...

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About.

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