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A few Youtube videos


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Some genuine advice - get a metronome. Or an FX pedal with one built in, or an app or software or something. You speed up and slow down quite a lot, something everyone can be guilty of but you need to get out of the habit.

Otherwise, not too bad. Certainly improvement! Try to be less wooden though, your playing could be a little smoother, especially in the first vid. Just because you're playing the notes right doesn't mean you're playing the song right.

Finally, IMHO the delay on the third vid is too much, it goes a tiny way towards masking the odd duff note but it makes a lot of the parts played correctly sound a little... mashed u.

But yeah, keep at it! Try practicing some finger-pick/arpeggio stuff, it'll move your fingering in the right direction(fnar fnar fnar).


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I would worry too much about the "useful" posts man we all like to hold onto some memories to go back on from time to time and use for abusive purposes ;)

As above try and become more fluid with your playing, im nae a guitarist so my advice will be very limited, but you do like a bit stiff at times, ripping a guitar solo is more than just hitting the notes, it needs feeling behind it. Just keep practising away, and dont get disheartened about anything, you've clearly improved from when you were in the aforementioned band so i see no reason why you cant continue getting better.

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