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Local luthier for basic stuff


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I've got a problem with tuning stability on my Gibson 339 - pretty sure it's just a sticky nut so upgrading the nut should fix it - anybody recommend someone local who's trustworthy and charges a fair price? I know it's basic stuff but it's an expensive guitar and the last time I paid for a professional set up in Aberdeen the guitar came back less playable than it went in so I'm being cautious.

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Thanks. I've already tried graphite in the nut. Not 100% sure it's the nut but it seems likeliest. I'm not getting any pinging.

It's a fault with the model I think (or just new Gibsons generally?). I put back one 339 that was even worse before keeping this one. Tuning stability is just about liveable with if I'm not bending strings, but as soon as I do any bending the next chord I play will sound like a car crash. Hard to believe it's the tuning mechanism so I'm assuming it's the nut.

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