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Recording studios

Jim Stax

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Hi readers...

Info sought

I am starting in on the first stage of research into music recording facilities across City and 'shire. Initially collating info on what is out there across the priviate and public sectors. If you own, run or simply know of a studio then fire me wee email at smpnortheast@gmail.com or message me on here.

I'll be following up direct.

Cheers for any info and pointers.


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Guest Gladstone

One you probably ain't heard of...

I've been informed there are new studios in New Pitsligo - there's a cafe called something like "Lastbus Cafe" or something - and they have wee recording studios. Know nothing else about them.

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Guitarist and singer returned to Floortom Studios to finish our single and I have to say, it's sounding great!

Steve Curtis, the Sound Engineer, is decent -check out their website as it's a great recording space. Think it's www.floortom.com

We recorded with Steve when i was in Kenetic, amazing studio and Steve is fantastic to work with, great guy!

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Aberdeen College's sound engineering students are always looking for bands to record,lthough it would be unreasonable to expect anything too polished, of course. Maybe worth a whack since they won't charge.

Cheers. Not looking to record though. I'm essentially cataloguing what's out there at a professional and amateur level. Part of reseaarch project I'm doing.

Ta :)

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The region appears quite rich with options. Not started in on anything that may be in schools and community centres yet.

The Sports Centre on Oscar Road, Tory has a wee studio in it - live room and a control room I think, not sure what gear it has though. Drums guitars and amps anyway.


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