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Sharepod (or other itunes alternatives)

Guest Gladstone

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Guest Gladstone

I was looking at an old thread on here to do with my laptop going really slow and was reminded that I was recommended to use Sharepod instead of iTunes for various reasons.

I might look into this when I'm off for a couple of weeks over Xmas.

Couple of questions though:

- Is it still as highly regarded? (that thread was about 2 years ago)

- Are there any (better) alternatives?

- Would it be easy to do the following using Sharepod? (it's a pain in the arse on iTunes):

Both my wife and I have iPods - mine is a classic with loads of storage and hers is a nano with nowhere near as much storage. At the moment, she controls her iTunes on our old desktop computer to save fucking with my iTunes and adding music that I don't want on my iPod etc. I can't be arsed fucking around - I just put all of my music on my iPod all of the time, whereas she can add everything from my iTunes into her folder (it's all saved on an external hard drive) by copying it across and then she can pick and choose what goes onto her iPod.

Would Sharepod allow us to easily update our iPods from one laptop with the external hard drive plugged in? I.e. we have 2 folders on the external hard drive, one with my iTunes music and one with hers. iTunes only seems to let you have one profile set up per profile on the laptop and it was just a major piss about, hence her iTunes being on the old desktop and mine on my laptop.

I hope that makes sense...

Oh - and another thing - what about downloading music? I've taken to downloading most of my music from the iTunes store which is fairly quick and easy. Can you still buy from iTunes? Is most music in the world that is on iTunes readily available from other places (legally, of course) if I can't still buy from iTunes to download to Sharepod?

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