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Some varied stuff for sale


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Hi everyone - I'm after a new pedal so a few of my bits and pieces need to go.

1) Crown XS700 - in 4U rack (can't recall what brand off hand) and blanking plate.

Has a nice amount of power - according to the guide 750w per channel (at 4 Ohm).

- £250 ono

2) GK Neo 2x12 - with cover (which is abit tatty) - all wheels present. Needs a washer on one wheel

-£280 ono

3) Studiomaster 16 track mixer. Very decent mixer - i used it lots last year and it worked brilliantly.

-£50 ono

4) Fostex Multi Effect Processor (DE 1 i think) - we only used this once then went for other fx from the rack we use. Can be used for vocals etc.

-£20 ono

5) Carlsbro PA speakers x 2 - With stands - Very decent speakers - again used lots last year and have some very minor cosmetic scratches on the front. Doesnt effect the sound at all. old delta ones by looks of it.

-£100 ono

6) Moog Moogerfooger Ring Modulator - Still have the box for this. Comes with US supply with UK adaptor. Works perfect here.

- £170








(Note its just the Ring mod for sale)



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