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Please vote for me in NextBritThing competition :)


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Hey guys, I've entered into the Next Brit Thing competition which is an opportunity for musicians between the ages of 11 and 19 to record either their original compositions, covers or classical pieces and have a chance of, among other things, performing their winning pieces at the Royal Albert Hall.

There's a voting system in which members can vote for as many songs as they want but only one vote per song, and the songs from each region with most votes and interest go through to a judging panel who choose the overall winner.

I personally have entered six original songs and it would be great if some of you could nip onto the Next Brit Thing site and give me some votes!

You'll have to make an account which is really quick and easy, all you need is an email address, or you can even just use your facebook sign in :) Once logged on search 'Pokeiggy' on the site and that's me! I also recommend these guys from South England, their username is 'SamAndIsaac' and their stuff is pretty good.

Anyway, hope you find the time to give me some votes and look forward to some feedback if at all possible. Thanks!

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If you can tell me why I should vote for you, even though you're only 2 posts have been these above? If your answer is good enough, I'll consider it.

Christ, what's the problem? Just go and have a listen, if you like the songs and want to encourage him a bit, then give him a vote. Or just give him a bit of feedback. That's all.

You don't even have to sign up to listen. Just go here.


I've listened to a couple so far, pretty good. You're not scared to do something a bit different, and there's obviously a bit of work gone into them, with the harmonies etc. Run With Me sounds too rushed to me, would be better with a bit more space to hear the words. Slow it down. Reach is great, there's a couple of tingly moments in there when the harmonies kick in. Me Once Again is the best so far though. There's a bit of Brendan Benson in there for sure. Nice.

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