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Sound City 50 Plus // Marshall AVT Cab // Blackstar HT Dual


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Repost of a previous, but though I'd just make a new thread. This set-up is just taking up hunners of room in my house, more specifically my parent's dining room, and that's not really on. I'd love to downsize to a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or something, but we'll see what the crack is.

Sound City 50 Plus: 50 watt vintage guitar amp head. Bought off Ebay 2-3 years ago. Was in a bit of a state on the inside and out back then but took it down to Doctor Dennis Marshall who worked his magic. Got some EH valves in it from RnB. They're not the best, but they do the job. Still a bit of a tatty exterior. No frills. Active EQ.

Looking for £150 ono.

Marshall AVT 412 Cab: What it says on the tin. The best thing to ever come out of the quite frankly horrific AVT series Marshall produced. 200W max cab (probably handle anything you throw at it). In good nick.

Looking for £60 ono.

Blackstar HT Dual: Great, tube-powered, dual channel distortion. Channel 1 is clean or crunch. Turn the Clean up full whack and you get a lovely preamp boost. Crunch is dirtier and louder. Sounds great for riffing and stuff. Channels 2 is searing distorion - if I were on guitar world I'd probably describe it as 'lovely saturated tone'.

The best thing about this pedal is it's reaction to the way you play and how hard you push it - just like a real tube amp. It really works with your guitar's volume and tone controls and how hard you're playing. Something on this pedal will work in any musical genre.

Looking for £100 ono.

I realise the prices (especially for the first two) are pretty optimistic, but I will consider offers. Espcially if they're to be sold together.

If you fancy them just send me a PM (and post that fact in the thread). I don't visit here too often anymore, but I'll try and mems I posted this.


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