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will this "Go viral"

maud 'dib

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racism is illegal. And it seems to me like you're beating around the bush about sticking up for her, if that's what you're here to do then i advise you to fuck off right now.

Yeeeeeeeah boyeeee!!!

I wanted a picture of Flava Flav to go with this, but I can't get on Google image search at work. So just imagine a set of gold teeth and a giant clock comin' at ya whilst Dubya pwns the n00b.

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I fully suport these nazis...


Theres something fascinating about this woman's mouth. I can't tell if she's pished, coked up, or has some mental issues...theres clearly something not right with her. Has anyone ever seen the old woman who sits on the 21 bus shouting at black people "SCUM! BLOODY SCUM BASTARDS!" She clearly has mental problems aswell....its like tourettes or something I guess.

Still, good excuse to indulge in my own racism. Stupid ENGLISH cow...Britain is nuffink....

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