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Ex-Aberdeen Musician Needs an Edinburgh Drummer!


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Hello folks, I had a wee project going in aberdeen a few months ago but had to move to Edinburgh. So, i have decided to get playing/practicing these songs down here again but i need a drummer. Since i know next to no-one down here i am finding it hard to get anybody.

Getting a bit desperate now! So if anyone knows anyone down Edinburgh way that would be interested in playing in an alternative band pointing them my way would be hugely appreciated!

i am also considering recording an EP in the next 3 months so if the drummer could even spare a few hours to learn songs and help me out in the recording process that would be great too!

i'm 26 y/o and the music can be listened to here


any help would be lovely!

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That would be great if you could give him a shout yeah, cheers!

My email is dauvit60@hotmail.com if he wants to get in touch and i'll give him my mobile number too. Even if he doesn't fancy it let me know ;)

My ex-drummer should still be available. He works offshore but i will get in touch with him if you'd like? What sort of stuff will you be playing?


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