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the glasgowmusic.tk radio show!

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on subcity next term, i will be trying to start the glasgowmusic.tk radio show

it will feature local bands from glasgow,old/new/estabilished and unsigned!

im looking for material, are you in a glasgow band that has any promos/albums kicking about? that would like airplay? get in touch via:

info@glasgowmusic.tk or mcgee1967@hotmail.com and i can make arrangements on how to get your music/info to me!

features on the show will include interviews with bands, including Razorlight and Hope of the States! hopefully il be able to get some competitions together aswell! as well as a weekly gig guide and whats going to be on! i might even let you know when im going to update this site!

any suggestions you would like to make, either post here or email the above addresses, il be looking to do features on other cities aswell, aberdeen being one of them, i would like info on venues and bands!




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