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[26/11/11] Bigfoot's Strikes 3! Part 1 - Camea (Clink)


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Bigfoot's is 3!

To mark three years of Bigfoot our birthday will take place over two cities (and even more venues), as we celebrate the third anniversary of that hazy night through the back of Ad Lib in Glasgow. RockNess, Wizard Festival, factories, warehouses, Sub Club, Snafu, Glasgow Art School, The Riverside, parties morning, noon and night. We've taken our production level to new heights this year, seen residents flourish and shunned conceptions of time with extraordinary opening hours. A huge thank you to everyone for everything.

So, here we go then...

PART 1 -

After years of talking about the Seattle born, Berlin based, head of Clink Recordings and shit hot producer - CAMEA - we're pretty happy to say she'll be joining us at Club Snafu for Pt.1.


She released her first solo EP in 2006 and has achieved a discography of work on labels like Clink, Bpitch Control, Minus, Soma and Get Physical. In 2011 she became the first female producer to ever put music on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label. She also released her first compilation this year on her own imprint titled, Clinkology, in which she spliced, edited and layered twenty tracks from the label’s discography and programmed a 73-minute artistic studio mix.

Her tracks have topped sales and DJ charts on many occasions, and she has shared stages with artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Magda, Ellen Allien and many others, her technique has put her center stage at some of the world’s hottest clubs and festivals like Amore, Fusion, Berghain, Space, Fuse, Club Der Visionaere and Watergate. Since her relocation to Berlin in 2007 she has become one of the handful of women from America to make it to the international stage for her genre.

We are delighted to host her with Snafu for the first installment of Bigfoot's third birthday. Six days later, it's on to the Sub Club in Glasgow for Part 2!!!


Bigfoot's Strikes 3!

Pt. 1 - Club Snafu, Aberdeen



Christopher Kelly


Saturday 26th Nov

visuals from redux


Pt. 2 - Sub Club

NoiDoi [Live Analogue Set] (Barraca/Oslo)

Glasgow | Fri 2nd Dec | more details shortly...





We are the 99%


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