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WTB Fixed Bridge 7 string


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Long shot but does have anyone have one lying around? Looking for something as an alternative to what already own. My current 7 is 27" scale with floyd and EMG707's so ideally would like a passive 25.5/26.5" scale. A narrow C shaped neck would be good too. Not a huge fan of the chunky schecter necks. Any colours other than black and white are a bonus! Can also trade any of the guitars listed in my sig .

Anything along the lines of Ibanez 7421/7621 would be ideal. If not I will just start saving for another Agile :)

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don't know how you feel about LTD but sounds like the 207 or 607 stephen carpenter sig is perfect. I had it for a while and it was an awesome guitar to play, just a shame about the extra unnecessary string. Think it only comes in black though.

I prefer Ibanez necks so if I can get a 7621/7421 that would be perfect playability wise but they've been out of production for years and are way better than the 7321's currently on sale. I like archtops too... The RGA7 is fits that but only comes with actives and in black :(

http://www.rondomusic.com/septor725rnbkceph.html is basically what I want. Only problem with Agile is their stock rotation changes frequently so not guaranteed to get the colour you want. It seems to be the only passive 7 they have atm too but hopefully they will get some in stock. Other option I really want to do is get a semi-custom from them but will end up costing over £700. http://www.rondomusic.com/customquote.html I will definitely save up for the next time they do them. The finish, scale length and pickup choices they offer make the big companies look pathetic. ESPECIALLY Ibanez with their 'you're getting it in black only and with shitty pickups only unless you spend £1500+ on a j custom' guitar range.

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I ken someone selling this for £325


Assuming that is the SC207 which is what it looks like, you can buy it from thomann.de for £378 with free delivery. A bit too pricey for a mess around guitar, would only spend that much on something I really wanted

BTW Agile are doing semi-custom multiscales! -> http://www.rondomusic.com/customintrepid2012.html but would cost $900 for a basic 6 stringer. After shipping and taxes that's around the £750-£800 mark :(

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