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Vocalist looking for band


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Hi there, my current band looks like it may be a very long work in progress and I'm very keen to keep gigging and creating.

Firstly I'm a really energetic and outgoing frontman and put 110% into performing, my feelings are even if the audience doesn't like your music they should still enjoy the show.

I'm a decent vocalist, good at screaming and vocals like The Hives etc, I can hold a tune but I'm definately not a traditional singer.

I have a wide range of influences so I'm willing to give almost anything a go.

Based in Elgin but have no problem bussing it down.

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hey dude, still looking for a band? me and a mate are looking for a vocalist, and a bassist, for our wee project. we're looking for a half-scream, half-lovely kinda sound.

do you like bands like fall of troy, pulled apart by horses etc? not as scream as them, but you catch le drift.

email dannn.ellis@live.co.uk if you're up for it :)


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