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For Sale: Pearl Session Custom Drumkit & Assorted Hardware


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For sale I have my Pearl Session Custom SRX shell pack in Marine Blue Fade. It is a 6 ply maple kit in standard rock configuration (12", 13", 16" 22"). The kit does not come with a snare. There is a little bit of damage to the underside of the bass drum and to the external bass drum hoop. Uses I.S.S. mounts for the 2 rack toms and Air Ride feet on the floor tom legs.

I have pictures of the marks which I shall upload later once I get them onto my computer. For now here is a picture of the finish:


Looking for £400 for the shells.

As for the hardware I have the following at the following prices:

2x Pearl BC-800W Boom Cymbal Stand - £30 (each).

Pearl BC-900 Boom Cymbal Stand - £30.

Pearl C-800W Straight Cymbal Stand - £30.

Pearl H-1000K Hi-Hat Stand - £60.

Pearl D1000SP Roadster Drum Throne - £40.

Pearl CH-70 Clamp & Mini Boom - £10.

Pearl Clamp, Sonor Clamp, Tama Clamp, Unmarked Clamp - £5 each.

I have some pictures of the stands, but there isn't really much to see with those!



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Hi man, do you have any of the shells still available? I have the same bass drum and I'm looking to get the rest of the kit; Would you be selling individual toms, and what would you be asking for them? Cheers!

Hey, I have the full shell pack still available. I don't wish to split though as it would be a nightmare to try and shift the bass drum on its own. If you wanted to pick up the shells, you'd need to take the bass drum too (which I just bought a brand new front hoop for). You would have a nice double kick kit then ;)

Jesus i completely forgot about this thread, is the throne still going?

Haha yeah it is! It is in my spare room. Same price. :up:

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