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M Audio NRV10 Firewire interface/Anologue Mixer £270 ono


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Excellent condition, hardly been used. .


The M-Audio NRV10 combines an 8 x 2 analog mixer and a 10 x 10 24-bit/96kHz digital audio interface in one convenient package—the perfect tool for computer-based recording and performance.

Route and record the M-Audio NRV10 mixer channels discretely to individual tracks in Pro Tools M-Powered, Ableton Live 6 and other software studios.

You can also return multiple discrete audio channels from your computer to the NRV10 for CPU-free mixing and monitoring complete with on-board digital effects—great for live performances. And that means you don’t have to change settings like EQ and reverb in your files every time you play a new venue.

Flexible monitoring options also make vocal/instrument recording and DJ-style audio previewing a breeze. And the included NRV10 interFX application allows you turn your NRV10 and host computer into a powerful live mixer with access to all of your VST effects. The NRV10 seamlessly integrates your computer with your studio—and bridges the gap between studio and stage as well.

NRV 10 Features:

High-quality 8 x 2 analog mixer with integral 10 x 10 24-bit/96kHz FireWire S 400 audio interface

Powerful recording and performance system

4 mono channels, 2 stereo channels (including 5 XLR mic inputs)

Connect mics, guitars, synths and more

Integrated digital effects processor with 16 effects, plus variations, mute, peak LED and optional footswitch

Add effects without taxing your computer

Headphone output with flexible source assignment and DJ-style pre-listening

Preview tracks before adding them to the main mix

Compatible with all major DAWs including Pro Tools M-Powered

If interested and to discuss the price give me a call, 07791129637, Ian.

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