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Sat 5 Nov // Dog Tired + Palmer Eldritch Band // Able Seamen

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Sat 5th Nov at the Moorings Bar, Aberdeen -

Able Seamen with DJ Beard Fury and live bands:

DOG TIRED (Penicuik)

Metal band formed with the intention of having a good time

... and playing the kind of music that‘d both incite violence and

start a party. They’ve played with Man Of The Hour, Tyrant

Lizard Kings, Panic Cell, Gamabomb, Drive By Audio, etc..

Bloodnut/Bison fans be all over this like flies on shit. Oh yes.



If you attend the Moorings Bar jam-night ‘Cheap Thrills’ on a

Sunday, you’ll be familiar with this rock supergroup.

First act onstage about 9pm. Strictly 18+ only. DJ BEARD

FURY plays allsorts of punk, rock, metal, indie, stoner, beats

and stuff 'til 3am. No requests after 2am: there won't be time!

Bottled beers sourced from the furthest reaches of the deepest

and very darkest continents! A ninja for a bouncer! A vast

selection of draft beers! Four proper ciders! T-shirts! Chess

Draughts, possibly, if you can manufacture a couple of missing

peices... The legendary jukebox! A colourful cast of regulars!

CAMRA discount! Student discount! Even a PIRATE discount!

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About


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