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Bought some Dunlop Straplocks to fit to my new bass. Now, the screw with the straplocks is longer with a smaller head than that of the original, so I have no choice but to use it.

My question: Is it safe to just screw it in, even though it's longer, or should I make a pilot with a drill to save me from splitting the wood?

I've talked to folk who have said to just screw it and other's who say make a pilot and I just got the bass, don't want to wreck it already.

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+1 for Grolschlocks. I do have Schallers on one of my basses, but only because it came with them. I got the original buttons with it, I might remove them and go back to basics, as I keep a strap on each of my basses all the time.

A bit late now for the advice/lecture but you shouldn't try to force a screw into hardwood, regardless of it's size. You're lucky you only rounded off the top, you could have broken the screw with the rotational force required for it to tap its way into the wood and then you really would be in trouble.

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