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Sugarcult + Support


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October 5th

Over 14s

Doors 7.30pm

It is looking like being the following as support:


Featuring "Chris whats his noggin" from the Foo Fighters who was in No Use For A Name.

Straylight Run

Brand New Support. Also feature the former members of Taking Back Sunday and they have a piano.

Tickets will be onsale as of next week from The Bassment & One Up.

Hopefully on www.Wayahead.com soon also.

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Guest highroller

how awesome...a fucking victory records band in aberdeen with an ex member of TBS.

sugarcult arent exactly small also are they??

and jackson...you realise how much i look up to all three members of that band...ok im undecided on wether i like them really but christ...two of face to face and chris....sweet!!

You see it just shows ya...only 150 miles away in glasgow this is just another gig...ok its a good one but it shows how unspoilt we are here in Aberdeen...this is a big deal for Aberdeen ya know...

well fucking done to Ross for looking outside of the box and going for bands that you just would never normally think of coming here...

ive seen straylight run live...its good kids...real good...very mellow and intense at the same time...

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