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FOR SALE: DW Drum kit


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DW Collectors Maple drum kit

- Gloss purple lacquer finish, with chrome hardware

- 22 x 18" Bass (undrilled)

- 10 x 8", 12 x 9", 14 x 12", 16 x 14" toms

- 2 x DW 9000 tom/cymbal stands

- 1 x DW 9000 double floor-tom stand

- 1 x DW 5000 2-leg hi-hat stand

- Snare drum stand not available

Also for sale:

- 10" Pacific soprano snare drum (£30)

Kit has barely been played in the last 4-5 years due to an upgrade.

While externally, the kit is in excellent condition, there are issues worth highlighting.....namely that one or two of the shells have become very slightly warped. This makes the kit a little tricky to tune.....particularly the 12" tom. With a little damping however, the kit sounds and plays very well. The kit has been recorded/gigged in its current condition, with excellent results.

I paid a small fortune for this in 2003, but due to a) the condition of the shells, and b) the fact I need to reclaim some storage space....I am looking for £600 (excluding the snare). When purchased, the hardware alone retailed for around £600, so just think of it as getting a drum kit for free.....!

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It's purple...with (I think) black hardware. I'll post a pic tonight. It's a few years old, but in "as new" condition, and still in it's box....I got given it from the DW rep as an apology for taking an insanely long time to send me the kit I ordered, but I've never had a need for it and have never played it.

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