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Ex PM Pay

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Guest Gladstone

Does that last sentence mean that the taxpayer paid Maggie Thatcher to go to Liam Fox's birthday party?

The concept of ex Prime Ministers claiming back money from the taxpayer after they leave office doesn't sit right with me at all. That said, I don't know what they're claiming for and I don't really know what "official" duties and ex PM still carries out. But the article suggests it's attending functions, answering some letters etc. Over £100k a year to do that is ridiculous and they should not be getting paid to go to parties.

The fact they get some "expenses" or "allowance" in itself isn't that horrendous if it's justified but the sheer amounts we're speaking about here are ridiculous. Tony Blair got more than his annual salary when he was PM in a year. How could he possibly be doing more as an ex PM than he was as the PM??

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