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Nerve Remix Contest (by Ableton)


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Just finished a New York based contest recently for JoJo Mayer's live electronica project, Nerve.

Presented by Ableton, Pro Audio Star and Shadow Puppet Government. Enter now to remix the track and win loads of prizes including $500 voucher on music equipment, or even just enter the giveaway to be in with the chance or winning a copy of Ableton Live 8.

Contest closes November 7th 11:59 pm (EST)



There’s 2 ways to win from Nerve, ProAudioStar and Ableton.

Giveaway: everyone who registers for the contest and votes on an entry will be entered in to a drawing for a free copy of Ableton Live 8.

Contest: using the stems provided by Nerve for their song Tetrastigm, create an original remix and post it here via Soundcloud. Registered users will vote on the remix entries from November 8th through 14th, and the top 5 will be sent to Nerve for them to pick a winner. The winner will get a $500 gift credit at ProAudioStar.com, their remix posted online by Ableton, ProAudioStar, and Nerve, and a bunch of great Ableton, ProAudioStar and Nerve swag.


We will be assisting in moderating entries, all voting is public, Nerve themselves will choose the ultimate winner, let us know if you enter by posting your comments below. Check the site for all the details.

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