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TWX-005: Dolfinz - Teenage Doom/Nosebleed 7"

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

Introducing Dolfinz:


We first heard these dudes after they emailed us a link to their Soundcloud page and after catching 30 seconds of their live show we were hooked. A short while later, chatting over a 20 pack of Bier De France at Tuff Towers, we came to a mutual agreement to cut some of their fuzzed-out, washed-out fuck-pop bliss to wax. The result? The Teenage Doom/Noisebleed 7”, due out in late November.


Teenage Doom & Nosebleed are two fine examples of the surf-tinged, ear-punishing 3-minute-wonders that these two cute lil’ weirdos are killing us with right now! Limited to just 200 copies, Teenage Doom/Nosebleed is available to buy on 7” & digital download on Monday, November 21st. A full announcement will follow shortly with details on the release party, UK tour and a promo video for Teenage Doom up on our Youtube page.

Brash, young and the lowest of fi, the duo from Aberdeenshire have a sense of humour that sets them apart from other fuzzy garage bands they could call contemporaries. Check ‘em out.” - The Fly

“Dolfinz are excellent. Noisy, lo-fi and almost grungy-influenced yet still comfortably lumped in with the rest of the garage rock crowd, they give the slightly tired genre a massive kick.” - Basement Fever

“The music they make is the kind of music in which I have to confess I think Scotland has been woefully slow at catching up with the rest of the world. I haven’t heard much of this grungey, lo-fi guitar music executed with anything like the quality of our neighbours either South of Hadrian’s Wall or across the Atlantic.” - Song, By Toad

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nice, will try and make it down for this, whats with e.a.r.l being on the poster or am i being stupid, if there is sandwiches then i am there.

I think it's a great idea to have local businesses on gig posters if they aid the promotion or the concert in any way. I used to have Retrospect and EARL on my posters, and in return they always gave me prime poster spots in their windows and inside their shop. I always felt this was beneficial and encouraged a sort of getting together of minds and attitudes, and I would also offer guestlist spots to staff who worked in said shops. I think it worked, as they'd sometimes come along and take several paying friends with them, in addition to highlighting the gigs to their regular customers if they knew they were musically inclined.

Quite liking some of the Dolfinz stuff, but can't make this event. Which is a shame, as it looks like a proper event, rather than just a run of the mill concert with three bands making noise. Good work, Tuff Wax; I love seeing people just getting their shit together and doing stuff like this.

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