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Bassist looking for band


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Hi, 19 year old bassist, been playing for about 4 years, self taught. Unfortunately no gigging experience and limited theory knowledge. Intermediate player, can hold down the basics and some of the more taxing aspects. Quick learner. Some level of skill with both fingers and pick, some slap but my bass isnt great for it. Using a 5 string ESP F-155DX currently.

Into most forms of music, Dream Theater are my favourite band and John Myung my bass idol. Am willing and able to play most genres but my prefrence would be some variation of progressive metal or rock. Epic sounding riffs and a good drum beat. Half cut atm so cant think of anything else to write.

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Hey there.

We need a bassist. We're so far a 3-piece (Guitar, Drums & Vocals), ages 20-22. All local to Aberdeen City. Have a catalogue of original material, mostly Metal, semi-Thrashy, but have only really been playing covers at practises, mainly Pantera & Metallica, just to get us started. Have fairly extensive gig experience with the drummer - vocalist is a new addition - but not in this incarnnation, as this is a fairly new project. Common influences: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Down, Anthrax, The Smiths, Ozzy/BLS, Slayer & Cannibal Corpse (vocally, to an extent), to name a few. Played original material with drummer previously, currently deciding on what new material to play in current project. Original material is transcribed, ready to be sent in whatever format (PDF, etc), with MP3s available of all original material. If you like what you hear, drop me a line : davidscott89@hotmail.co.uk.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Davey Scott.

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