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Tin pot ray

getting a scottish gig...

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Hi my band is called the Tin Pot Operation. We're from Belfast... I'm trying not to sound like a asshole here... We play Ska/punk/Heavy Mod akin to The Clash, The Jam, The Who, The Pougues.

We need to get a few gigs over in Scotland, we're trying to promote our self financed debut album... Manufacturing Dissent.

Anyone who can help us out. We have our own travel, we don't need payed, we don't mind sleeping rough, we got our own gear etc. We're ready to turn up and play.

Help would be much appreciated!

email me: tinpotop@hotmail.com

web: www.tinpotop.tk

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got your pm.... My band are going to be rehearsing with a new drummer soon so won't be gigging for a bit after sept but once we are back gigging if you are still looking for gigs get intouch..best to remind me by pming or emailing me in a few months.



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