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[Oct 22, 2011] OXJAM TAKEOVER SATURDAY OCTOBER 22nd (Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire)


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For anyone wishing to come along to the Tunnels here are the timings:

20:00 - 20:30 DJ Rasteri

= expect some quality hip hop and if you are lucky (and early enough) some quality DMC skills. He's ready to juggle your


20:30 - 21:00 Acoustic Act (still to be confirmed)

21:30 - 22:00 Under the Noose

= an eclectic bunch of guys playing indie rock with a pinch of ska

22:20 - 23:00 Stanley Odd

= Edinburgh based Stanley Odd play hip hip with a pop edge. Lyrically political at times, MC Odd mixes in some good


23:300 - 00:15 Taco & the Sharpies

= Aberdeen's one and only 11 piece jazz/funk/soul hip hop group fronted by French MC Taco. A more unique bunch you

won't find!


00:15 - 01:30 Alistair Welsh (DJ set)

01:30 - 03:00 Steven Milne (DJ set)

Remember, the Oxjam Takeover afterparty is in Tunnel 2. I expect the music will probably run over time but we have some leeway with this. You may get lucky and catch the end of Taco & the Sharpies if you have been off seeing other groups round the city!

Hope to see you there!

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I'd like to know timings for other venues (not that I expect anyone to go on when they are supposed to), only bothered about catching all the bands at Snafu and then Little Kicks at Drummonds...so yeah I want to know what time Snafu bands will finish

Timings will be similar to Tunnels I'd imagine, think the event organisers were aiming to have all of the final acts finish around midnight and for the after party to begin then. Add the usual half hour delay here and there...

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Snafu times:

Min Diesel - 19:30

Carson Wells - 20:30

Katerwaul - 21:30

I'd bear in mind that these times were allocated to allow for 45 min sets.

CW won't be playing for that long.

Edit: Kirk, an email was sent round with various times on it - The Little Kicks are due to go on at 10:30. :)

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Good gig tonight, shame the p.a. was a bit troublesome, but Dan the soundman did a top job with what he had. And the organisation was excellent, cakes and everything.

Managed to catch the acoustic guy first on at the Tunnels, but didn't catch his name. Think he was a last minute booking so the posters can't help. Can anyone of you posters tell me who he was? Well impressed, like.

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