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[Oct 29, 2011] green gig sat 29th oct city cafe with the oxbow lake band featuring... (ab10 1au)

oxbow lake

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the oxbow lake band have finally finished the long haul recording of new album "away from the mainstream" (to be released before xmas) and now oot on the road.

this is to celebrate the scottish green party's conference, which is in aberdeen this year.

this night will be the single launch for driven to dance featuring hip hop artist millennium child


Cd's available on the night

The maria hall band are from the north, well findhorn... and i can only describe this rootsy, bluesy at times acoustic mama of the grass roots scene as bewitching.....

plus some good dj'in tunes, if anything to do with me it'll be rare groove, mod jazz, the colman brothers, northern soul, funk, jazz funk, 60's garage.. but they might not let me on......


£5 on door, £2 concessions

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I've no idea as I never bothered to find out!

Vinyl Cd's of single driven to dance featuring hip hop artist millennium child and remixes by fisher of gold (joe kingman of we free kings fame) should be available on the night. with a free badge, YES A FREE BADGE!

album away from mainstream now on bandcamp rlease date 2nd dec at drummonds!

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after stormin show at banff castle we hope to also get a north african musician who is banff based to play saturday also. spellbinding.

so it's a couple of solo artists, DJ's (and if I get on the it'll be brillient music, brilliant I tell yeh's) and the oxbow lake band in full on electric mode (unless of course you want a slow number). see you there.

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