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Fri 14 Oct // Cobra Kai + Matanuska

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Fudge Aberdeen present:


You thought they were dead. But, no! Grungey rockers Cobra

Kai return for a one-off special show on the occasion of their

dictatorial lead-singer/guitarist leaving to live in Dublin. Expect

an odd choice of covers and a celebratory, drunken vibe.



Glaswegian band The Static Cult have had some problems with

their drummer, so here come metalheads Matanuska to replace

them on tonights bill. Their crisp riffing and interesting subject

matter have made them regular visitors to the bar.


Friday 14th October at The Moorings Bar, Aberdeen.

First act onstage 9pm, second act 10pm. Strictly 18+ only.

Free entry before 8.45pm, £3 thereafter until close.

DJ BEARD FURY hosts the second friday of the month with his

'Mutiny!' clubnight. Although he's since noticed that the Tunnels

already have a clubnight of the same name, including the

exclamation mark. Subliminal and coincidental, he assures us. He'll

play allsorts of punk, rock, metal, indie, stoner, beats and even

good pop until 3am. Nae requests after 2am: there'll be no time!

Bottled beers sourced from the darkest continents! A vast

selection of draft beers, including our own brand real ale!

Proper ciders! T-shirts! Chess! Draughts, possibly, if you can

manufacture a peice or two from beermats... The legendary

jukebox! A colourful cast of regular drinkers! Karaoke! Connect

Four! CAMRA discount! Student discount! Even PIRATE discount!

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About.

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"Dictatorial lead singer / guitarist". I like it. Just last week at practice I asked to change a bit of one of our songs so all the instruments drop out and leave me to sing a few lines with just me and my guitar, to which our drummer Steve quipped "just remember, it's all about you", to which I retorted "I'm glad that after 4 years of playing in this band you finally realise that".

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