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Laney 120RH and Behringer GMX212 Guitar Amps for sale

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Selling a couple of my guitar amps as I've upgraded to a new head and need rid of these to try and fill a bit of the gap in finances! Have taken photographs, but not great as my phone is hardly state of the art. Can't figure out how to post them on here, but if you want pics then just send me a PM and I'll email them to you.

Laney 120RH Head - been my main gigging and recording head for the past couple of years and never once let me down. 2 channel, both footswitchable and both work perfectly. The Laney badge from the front has disappeared, but obviously causes no problems. £100

Behringer GMX212 Combo - never gigged but have practiced with it many times and has always been fine and more than loud enough. Has a multitude of effects built into it, as well as many different gain states from light overdrive to really nice fat distortion. I'm not generally a fan of inbuilt effects but these are actually pretty decent. £100

Have had a quick look on ebay and both of these are going new for round about £250, so I reckon £100 each seems fair...but make me an offer and we can talk.

Live in Mastrick, so if anyone wants to try them or see then just let me know.

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