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Snafu is 7! Electrique Boutique mix by Krazzy Martin

Krazzy Martin

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Snafu is 7! Electrique Boutique

This mix is part of the Snafu is 7! series.

7 mixes from 7 DJ's from 7 of Snafu's nights....

Mixed Bizness, Bigfoot's Tea Party, Electrique Boutique, Liebe, Hot City, Everything Else Sucks and Mothership.

This mix is available on CD (limited to 100) or for download.


1) Funkin Matt – Get loose ft. Teki Latex (Canblaster Remix)

2) HaHaHa – Adzuki Beans

3) Cosmic TRG – Izolat

4) Scntst – Phonoton

5) Azari & III – Manic (Finger Prince Static Situation Remix)

6) Yeteez – Y (Brianski’s Moogy Remix)

7) Classixx – Into the Valley ft. Karl Dixon (Julio Bashmore Remix)

8) The Count & Sinden – Future (Donovan’s Remix)

9) Bart B More, Drop the Lime & AC Slater – The Bass

10) Woobanger – Back to the Rave

11) The Requesters – Strong Love

12) Todd Terry – In Warp

13) Camouflage – Be Boppin’

14) HeavyFeet – I Will

15) TWR72 – Summer of 91 (Acid Version)

16) Viadrina – Won’t You

17) FutureFlashs – Find Your Brother

18) Ultra Nate – Free (Mood II Swing Extended Mix)

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