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I'm about to launch a new feedback site and want to see what kind of interest there would be.

The idea is this:

You submit a track along with a bio and description of your target audience.

A fan (or fans) of your target market/audience gives you feedback on what you have given us. This may also include a picture if you want feedback on your image for example.

The feedback is not a review of whether they like it, but what the reviewer thinks of your submission in terms of the genre sepcified. It's targeted at where you need work or need improvement.,

i.e. The vocalist is weak, the guitarist isn't up to scratch ... but a little more in depth than that.

I will have a pool of genre fans to review submissions from different areas.

I just want to see how many bands/artists would be open ot the idea of this site.

It will go up at http://www.honestcritic.com/ at some point in the near future.

Would anyone be open to feedback on what they are doing?

One of the things I have in my head is this .... "If you don't want the truth, don't ask the question". Please remember that. This will be honest and critical.


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Cheers XVII,

Originally thought about it as a paid venture, but wasn't sure.

I wanted it to be fans reviewing through a passion for the music, then I thought I should launch it free and see what happense. Then I thought it should stay free.

If there's going to be an opportunity to turn it commercial, will def look at that. Would be interesting to hear your "packages" ideas.

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