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I feel old and jaded. the nevermind re-issue

maud 'dib

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I wasn't that bothered by it 20 years ago nevermind now.

I see what you're saying dawg. Nirvana were pretty essential to my musical education, mainstream yes- but important. They were a gateway band- getting me off grindcore and into the Butthole Surfers, Polvo, GVSB, Husker Du, Sonic Yoof etc.

Life changing moment in the sixth year common room and all that.....

Were you into Smashing Pumpkin's and Pearl Jam?


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Guest Giles Walker

I got sent the promo, and i still haven't given it a proper listen yet.

I might use it to update the versions of the tunes i have in my dj crates, but then i would have to set all the cue points and loops and stuff and i dunno if i can be hooped tbh.

They should have included a bonus cd with people like Benny Benassi and David Guetta doing remixes, maybe get Kid Cudi and some other lower grade rappers spitting some bars over some of the tracks.

I'm sure Kirk Cobain would have approved.

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Didn't want to dedicate a whole thread to this, but singer-songwriter Kevin Devine has recorded a cover of the Nevermind LP from start to finish and released it for free download.


I was expecting stripped down acoustic versions of the songs which would have been quite interesting, but he's actually just tried to keep it as close to the original versions as possible, making it absolutely fucking pointless. So if you want to hear 6th form talent contest Nirvana covers, then give it a spin. Waste of time.

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