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The Pop Music Thread

Paranoid Android

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Kylie Minogue. Always Kylie Minogue. Look, here are some videos!

I saw her live and she was waaaay better then I thought she was going to be. Vocally that is. I'd heard reviews from other gigs that said although the show itself was fantastic her vocals weren't that strong live and she audibly struggled during tracks like 'I Believe in You' but when she did that one in Glasgow she really slowed it down and turned it into a proper ballad. Knocked it out the park .

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Y'all know you can embed Youtube videos into threads now? Next to the insert picture icon is an insert media icon. Paste the Youtube link in there. Technology rulz.

Dirrrrrrty pop

Crappy band. Don't know what it is about this song that ROCKS me.

"Y'all don't wanna see my hand where my hip be at". Amazing

Censorship kills this song. It rules though, and TQ is the spitting image of Patrice Evra. Man love.

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Everyone should check out Florrie if you haven't before. I put a song of hers on my previous Spotify mix and Karma Tsunami seemed to enjoy it.

She used to work as a session drummer for other pop acts (including Girls Aloud) before she decided to work on her own stuff.

She just has two EP's just now but they're both fantastic, although the second one took it up a level from the first. Listen to both on her site and you can download the first one for free http://florrie.com/

Or try these songs first

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