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Gear For Sale. Drum Gear, Guitar Gear, Keyboard Gear


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I've got the following gear for sale. All of it is new, in its original packaging and has never been used. Only taken out of packaging for pictures to be taken.

* Pacific PDP (PDHH920) Hi Hat Stand , brand new in box.

Top range of PDP's hardware. They go for £70 + delivery online, so about £30 cheaper than buying online.

Looking for £45.

* Pacific PDP (PDPSS900) Snare Stand, this is also brand new in its box.

Again, it's from PDP's top hardware range, so it's totally solid and very reliable.

Looking for £35.

(This hardware is so good that I was actually considering

replacing my current hi hat stand and snare stand with these ones)

* Stagg electric guitar soft case. It's got straps to carry on your back,

loads of padding for protection, loads of pockets and space for storage

and also it looks cool.

Looking for £10.

* Stagg CYB-10 Cymbal Case (soft). This cymbal case is great,

I took one on tour with me last week in addition to my hardcase.

It's got space for 4 cymbals in the main pocket (up to 22" diameter)

and in the front pocket it's got space for another 4 cymbals (up to 14" in diameter).

So it can easily accommodate a full set of cymbals.

It's got a strong carrying handle and it can be carried on your back

or over your shoulder too. Very sturdy cymbal bag, sells for £25 before delivery online.

Looking for £15.

(I've got 3 of these for sale)

*Stagg K10-138 keyboard case. Brand new soft keyboard case by Stagg.

Still in original packaging, internal dimensions are: 138 x 30 x 14 (cm).

This is the second biggest soft keyboard case that Stagg make.

I'm not sure what size keyboard the bag can accommodate in terms of number

of keys, but the dimensions are there anyway. These sell for £25 before delivery online.

Looking for £15.

There's pictures up of the gear in old posts about it, but if you can't find them and want to see them, then PM me and I'll send you them.


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