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Aberdeen Rappers Video With Keenan Cahill [Famous Internet Kid]


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Hey all,

Just a shout to let yous know what we've been up to for the last 3 years: It's Aberdeen rappers SHY & DRS.

Maybe not most folk's thing on here like, but thought we'd give it a post anyway!

We're about to sign a Record Deal for the Album we've been recording for the last 3 LONG ass years! But in the meantime we were lucky enough to get internet kid Keenan Cahill [some of you will recognise] to lip-sync to one of the songs - [which isn't out yet - this is just a preview really before the Album is released]

Check out the Video & Song here when yous have a minute & let us know what you think..

Or View it here -


Our Album features:

Sandi Thom,

Scottish 70's Rock Band Nazareth,

D-12 [Eminem's Band] & a few other names you might recognise!

If you like us on FaceBook it'll keep you updated on everything - www.facebook.com/SHYandDRS

& Also, If you Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel you'll get all our updated vLogs & Offiical Videos etc..

Next single & Vid features Sandi Thom which can be previewed on the outro @ the end of our vLogs!! ["]www.YouTube.com/SHYnDRStv]

Cheers folks,

Appreciate thoughts folks & a FaceBook Share of the new Keenan Cahill vid too :)

Mark from SHY & DRS










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