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Guest Giles Walker


Eurythmics - Sing Sing

Check these credits out!

The whole of the album this track is from is just stunning in my opinion, 'Caveman Head' sounds particularly No Wave-y.

Riton did a mix of Kraut Rock to advertise his Eine Kleine Nacht musik album, that is worth checking out. Some guy from some indie band (i think it was maybe Foals/Late Of The Pier/someone like that) told me that he had played bass on this mix and that loads of other people had contributed to it as well.

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - Only German Mix

Eroc- Zimperlein

Edgar Froese- Pinnacles

Intence- Jump On Velvet Paws

Kraftwerk- Boing Boom Tschak

Kraftwerk- Neonlicht

Tone Band- This Is Germany Calling

Toy Planet- Two Dophins Go Dancing

Faust- It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl

Guru Guru- Globetrotter

Conrad Schnitzler- Das Teir

Peter Bauman- The Third State

Cluster- Caramel

Cluster- Grosses Vasses

Holger Czukay- On The Way To The Peak Of Normal

Die Grune Reise- Ich Bin

Baffo Banfi- Indian

Canaxis 5 -Boat Woman Song

Amon Duul II- Burning Sister

Uberfallig- Puls

Neu- Hallogallo

Eloy- Impressions

Holger Czukay- Persian Love

Tangerine Dream- Love On a Real Train

Segius Golowin- Die Weibe Aim

I was planning on attempting a Kraut mix myself, but i don't think i could really touch this one.

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I have been on a voyage of Krautrock discovery in the last 2 years, so much of it is ludicrously ace.

Second all the love for Amon Duul II

is bass-rifftastic.

Took a while for Faust to click, and then they did, So Far is my fave, and this early critique of consumerism is 70s countercultural foolery in the best way.

The first Tangerine Dream album is full of fuzz guitar madness like

, fuzzzzzzz.

And Timothy Leary's appearence (with others) in the Swiss acid sessions for

, side 1 Space finally nails that difficult Cosmic Blues concept, link is to loooong video of album, you have been warned.

Harmonia are great as well, Deluxe starts the 80s ahead of schedule, Immer Weider

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Obvious choice, but Can's albums from 'Monster Movie' to 'Future Days' are all worth checking out. 'Tago Mago' has some trickier stuff on it but also has the full version of 'Halleluwah', probably the finest Krautrock track along with Neu's 'Hallogallo' IMHO. From 'Soon Over Babaluma' onwards, go yourself at your risk. I've bought a few of the later albums on the cheap and haven't revisited them much, pretty poor. 'Neu', 'Neu 2' and Neu 75' are all worth checking out, the lead track on each follows the same basic template while doing it slightly differently. Some of the more experimental moments can be a bit grim if your mind isn't in the right place.

Amon Duul 2's 'Yeti' album is great, as is the Ash Ra Tempel self-titled and 'Schwingungen' albums.

The first 4 Tangerine Dream albums are also nae bad - the self-titled debut, 'Alpha Centauri', 'Zeit' and 'Atem' - but I also like their first couple of 'mainstream' efforts, 'Phaedra' and 'Rubycon', great chill-out stuff.

For a modern take on Krautrock, Scott 4's 'Your Kingdom to Dust' single has a 25 minute Krautrock throwback called 'You Set the Scene', follows the 'Hallogallo' repetitive build-up style with banjos and all sorts thrown in. Awesome.

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Since I discovered them, Popol Vuh have been at the top of my Krautrock playlist. The stuff that was used in Werner Herzog's films is particularly good. "Herz aus Glas" and the Nosferatu album stand out in particular. There is plenty of more ambient stuff happening in other albums as well. Worth a listen if you are not already familiar.

Here is one recommendation, but there are really too many to mention.

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Michael Rother's Hallogallo were great when they played Edinburgh last year. Did anyone else from here go to that one?

Oh, and I really like this Amon Duul track (perhaps because it reminds me of the Fall):

I went to that - in Picturehouse? Really enjoyed it.

Got into Neu first from buying it a wee while back then ended up starting with a compilation called Deutsch Electronique Musik (excuse the spelling)

Link here: http://www.souljazzrecords.co.uk/releases/?id=18676

Which led me to a heap of other stuff (its in One Up for a £10 spot i think) and particularly La Dusseldorf and Faust were favourites of mine.

Kinda overplayed it at the time so sickened myself of the genre but this thread has rekindled it!

Giles- that Riton mix is quality - downloading now so ta!

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