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Check out Knockout Neds new website...


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This post deserves some more response, maybe the post should be in feedback forum?

The site is cool, a little bit slow on dialup, but I guess the majority have broadband these days,

You guys look familiar, maybe I hallucinated you on a trip or something you did telepathically...????

I like the tunes, nicotinedemo had me reaching for my skins and baccy...:):up:

You did the site with which software please????

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re check out Knockout Neds new website...

Hi its chris from Knockout Ned

Glad you like the site and nicotine! I did the site using microsoft frontpage. its a pretty basic site due to the fact Im in no way at all a website designer, but i found it okay to use after a wee while!

You probably have seen us about in some pub or other (we're total jakes), or maybe my mind-control is growing stronger young padowan.....

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