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Guitarist and Bassist Wanted for Established Band


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We are looking for musicians of any age who can commit the time and effort required for rehearsal, song writing and performance. The musicians currently involved have combined experience of musical performance, writing and tutoring of over 24 years. This is the sole musical commitment that we have and will have going forward. We want to get things off the ground as soon as possible and are ambitious in our plans.

We are all in our 20’s now and we have been through the school bands, the punk bands, the metal bands, the creatively tinged acoustic duets... This is a serious project involving serious musicians who want to try and achieve something that little bit more. We don’t want to limit ourselves to Aberdeen and we want to grow and build something which is exciting and enjoyable to be part of.


Ideally, we are looking for a guitar player who is at home playing simple as well as technically proficient material. Similarly, we are looking for someone who is just as comfortable with an acoustic guitar as an electric guitar. We are looking for a confident performer who is at home with using effects (particularly delay) to create a big sound to add a defining texture. Although there is material already written there is room for interpretation, style and character which you will bring with you.


We are searching for an astute bassist who understands the importance of the bass and rhythm function. Somebody who can do the simple as well as the technical and can bring a wider musical knowledge and creative input to the group.

We have various influences that range across Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, James Blunt, Queen.... In fact we are not picky. We are open minded. As a result we are looking for like minded musicans who want to push the boundaries and are comfortable operating outwith their comfort zones if its right for the music.

It would be ideal if you can either sing or are willing to try.

We would be looking for 2 evenings a week commitment in

the initial stages and gigs would fit into this or be in addition to these nights in future depending on the requirement or opportunity.

We have a modern purpose built recording/rehearsal studio which is stocked up with top of the range equipment and refreshments. This is a private studio.

This opportunity would suit musicians who are currently not involved with any other music commitment. In return you will be part of a very committed, hard working and ambitious group who want to enjoy every minute of being in the studio and up on the stage. We do not want any egos or attitudes, we work as a team and we work hard. The result will be, hopefully, a successful and enjoyable band.

I have included a link below to some demo’s of our material. We are looking to eventually have an edgier sound than what these portray. We will not have any keyboards live or a female vocalist for example. However they should give a good idea to what we are trying to create here.


If you have any questions or want to know anything more about us and our plans just contact us.

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