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Vocalist wanted for noisy/fuzzy pop band

Soda Jerk

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We have a band, but none of us are good enough to chirp over the top of our shithot jams, so we need a singer to do it for us. Is that person you?

We play messy, noisy, fuzzy pop/indie rock. No idea who or what we try and sound like, so make up your own mind. Listen to some very rough, unfinished ideas of ours and see what you think:

Luvly Punx's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

(we're not really called the Luvly Punx.)

Some of us are capable of doing the odd harmony, but our sick riffs and grooves get in the way of certain parts.

We're not looking for Mariah Carey vibrato. Just someone with a sense of melody. So if you've got skills, get in touch to arrange a gruelling and aggressively judgemental X Factor-like audition. Or something.


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If we don't find someone, we might have to resort to me singing. This is bad as:

1. I can't sing.

2. All the songs will be about vikings going on quests with their mates. (I personally don't think this is that bad though)

SO THIS IS WHY SEAS ARE INSTRUMENTAL. I'll leak this to the press right away.

But yeah, I'm very interested if the, uh, post is still open in about eight months time... :D

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