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Washburn bass, old, battle scarred. 20.


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Washburn XB100 bass, 10 years old, cost somewhere in the region of 150 when I bought it. It's been gigged to within an inch of it's life, the paintwork is fucked, it's got big chips in it, a crack in the headstock, missing knobs and one of the machine heads is bent (but still works). It certainly ain't pretty, but the neck is fine and the electronics are fine, it still plays fine and actually sounds pretty good. Its not gig usable, but I still use it for home recording and it's handy just to have in the cupboard for when you're doing demos. 20 ono.






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It used to be covered in powerpuff girls stickers all over :) I only left one! And yes, it used to have dolls heads too! This bass has been gigged with Dos Dedos, Sirius, Point Of Origin, Lost... I think Gloria Flaw used it once too. It's an Aberdeen Music artefact! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: actually I played a gig with it last year so it's plenty gig worthy. It just looks ass.

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