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Trumpet for sale


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Beginners trumpet for sale (Bb). Bought this second hand a few years ago, started learning to play it but never really got going, and don't have the time or the patience to get back into it. Plays nicely, sounds good, very good condition, barely used. No marks or dings in the instrument. Comes with hard case, valve oil and a book about trumpets.

50 secures.

Will upload photo later.

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man i'd love a trumpet. is it hard to learn? I reckon I could just wing it and say it's freestyle jazz.

It would probably be tricky to learn on your own, I got tuition. The fingering and stuff is piss easy, there's only 3 valves so only a few different combinations you need to remember and they repeat themselves - eg G and C are both just open, you change the note depending on how you blow into it. It's that technique that's the tricky part. I can only really play one octave comfortably, you need to toughen up your cheek muscles to reach the higher notes, and that takes practice! I had only a handful of lessons though and I can play a few songs on it.

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