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French Taxation (Don't have a heart attack Dave)

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Guest Gladstone
Why shouldn't higher earners pay higher taxes to help improve public services then, Dave?

Here we go...

They already do and it obviously doesn't work.

40% on all earnings over what is it these days - 38k / 40k or thereabouts. And then there's the 50% above something like 120k - I don't know what the thresholds are, in comparison to the 20% paid by those earning under the lower threshold.

So, proportionately the high earners already pay higher than low earners, but it's even more apparent when you take into account the gross figure paid in tax that someone on, say 200,000 per year will pay against someone on 15,000 per year.

Once you start hitting the super rich (million pound a year types) with anything more than 50% (or even anything more than 40% possibly) tax rates, a lot will fuck off out of the country and take their 400,000 plus tax per year and pay it to another country.

I think that's one of the main arguments against the 50% tax rate.

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I dont think there is any actual PROOF that taxing people over 50% actually makes them leave... a lot of heresay exists of course... and a lot of opinion...

That aside I think better collection of current tax rates and also chasing those people who have money stashed in Switzerland etc would be a better use of the HMRC time. Plus of course the people who get benefits by fraud.

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You mean the human rights that allow Jason Owen to be released after two years instead of, say, being hung by the neck until dead? Really?

I know he is a bad man, but even being in Take That doesn't deserve execution.

But, yeah, stopping punitive barbarian fuckwits from hanging people is one of the ace things the EU is good for, ta for reminding me.

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I never made the automatic assumption that you are a Noose Groupie Dave, even though you assume I knit yoghurt or something, but, hey, turns out you are. Punitive Barbarian!

Of course our justice system is so good no one could ever get fitted up by corrupt coppers and die screaming in innocence, could they?

There are no appeals once Jack Ketch has done his thing.

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