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AGP: JUFFAGE + Esperi + support - Fri 7 Oct at Tunnels


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AGP presents


plus support

Tunnels Aberdeen

Friday 7 Oct 2011


14+ show

5.00 from One Up, Belmont Street, AGP ABERDEEN — Home and www.ticketweb.co..uk - on sale Mon 22 Aug 9am


Juffage - Wall | Facebook

Juffage is Jeff T. Smith, a solo sound artist and multi-instrumentalist from Leeds, via Chicago, Illinois. He is often seen in bars, art galleries, and basements with a bands worth of instruments.

A recording enthusiast at heart, he has spent time in some of Chicagos finest studios including Engine Studios (w/ Brian Deck), and Electrical Audio (w/ Steve Albini). Live shows see him coming up wit...h inventive new ways of bringing his multi-layered recordings to the stage. Through the use of cassettes, drums, guitars, and assorted other loop-pedals and gadgets, Juffage creates complex, yet surprising catchy pop songs.

Juffage performances have been compared to a synthesis of Lightning Bolts rhythmic ferocity, Radioheads lush pop sensibility, King Tubbys manipulative production, and Andrew Birds ability to make a good loop. The result has been described as a loud, frantic, and beautiful hyperactive and technically accomplished display.

In the summer of 2008, Jeff somehow fit all his music gear into a station wagon and played over 100 shows across the U.S., before setting off for the UK and Europe and touring for the majority of majority of the year. In July/August 2009 yet another self-booked U.S. tour of the east-coast and midwest followed.

In September 2009, Jeff moved to Leeds, England to complete a masters degree in Music Technology and Computer Music. Once he re-accumulated enough amps, drums, and other bits of music gear, he resumed playing live and received an overwhelmingly positive response within the Leeds music community. He has also recently exhibited multichannel sonic art works for the University of Leeds and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, utilising ambisonics, live looping, portable cassette players, and Max/MSP.

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