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Drum gear for sale - new and used!


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Right folks. Was at the Bruce Millers auction on Friday and so I have some stuff up for grabs. Given the nature of how some of the lots were put together, if you wanted one particular item you had to buy the whole lot so therefore I have some stuff I got on the day that I don't actually need. All is new and still in the box! I made a saving on them so im not asking for what they would cost new even though they are all new. Also have some used stuff from my own collection im selling. Get back to me if you have any questions.


DW 4000 pedal. Brand new in box costs around 80 new. Asking 55 for it.

PDP 800R snare stands brand new in box. Cost around 45 new. Asking 30. I have 2 for sale.

PDP 800 cymbal stands brand new in box. Cost around 40 new. Asking 30 each. I have 3 straight and 1 boom for sale.

PDP 700 hi-hat stands brand new in box. Cost around 50 new. Asking 35. I have 2 for sale.

Also have 2 brand new drum thrones in boxes - 10 each.

Have some stuff second hand for sale also:

14inch Peal Sensitone steel snare as new - 75

Premier 6000 series hardware pack - 5 boom stands and 2 snare stands. All in good condition. Open to offers.

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Hey do you still have one of the thrones and one of the snare stands? My throne just gave in on me, must be putting on weight, and i need a snare stand for a tom, is it double bracketed?

Hi there

I don't have a PDP snare stand but I do have a pearl one if that helps? Also I do have one of the stools left. It's just a generic music stool but would do the trick.

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Any double bracketed snare stand is ideal, and same goes for the stool, if i can sit on it then that's fine. I'm too skint to invest in anything that will last forever but i'm only a part time drummer anyway so should last me long enough :)

The pearl is double braced. The stool has tube legs I think so it depends what your looking for. Pm me and we can go from there.


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