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Dead-on : So who were your band of the day?


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I arrived for Allegro who were very cool( I was up early but had much to do)' date=' apart from their singer being camper than a Carry On Convention at Butlins with all that flopping about, which got irritating. I have to say the rest of the bands were good, but kind of blurred into one big band for my jaded old ears, apart from the 44's who had the who brass thing going on.

Hope to see a repeat next year, but maybe covering more genres of music?

Good stuff over all.[/quote']

That's a main reason I didn't go (along with the fact I had 2 exams the next morning).

It seemed a bit like The 44's were just plonked in for the sake of it, and I'm sure they were a joy on the ears of a lot of people in the room! I'm not a fan of any of the other non-local bands, there's no way I could have lasted the whole day.

So yeah, next year will hopefully be a bit more varied (personally I'd love to see Adequate 7, Howard's Alias, Misled Youth (I'd pee my pants if they could play) you get the picture.... maybe a special non-UK headliner...) and thumbs up to Ross for organising the gig, and getting through it alive and well. :up:

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Yep' date=' pretty hammered was i. Had to work a total of 12 hours the next day as well, which wasn't fun. At least my body scraped itself to the Caley game by Sunday, so all is not bad.

Got some pretty funny photos developed from the Fri day/nite, now if i can only work out how to work a scanner..........[/quote']

ah is that the camera me and klee stole?

i am sure you got sick on little me!!!!!!!!!! :puke: BAD ROSSP :swearing:

we were gonna come see you at work, but decided to drink the champagne!

were gonna visit the flat too but got too drunk....

once again BAD ROSSP :swearing:

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Guest WalkingOnGlass

SEA - Great Band, Boring to watch

TFOBK - Seen them miles better, but still decent

X-Certs - Strange One, a bit surreal watching thm, fucking great set tho'

Allergo - Nae Bad, but not as impressive as in Drakes a while back

Days IN December - Fucking Ace band, Fucking Ace Set, Great Presence

Shouting Myke - Last 2 songs owned, the rest was, I dunno, dull? Disappointing..

44's - An Off Night

Aconite Thrill - As a musician, I was totally in awe of how unbelievable they were. So perfectly tight, and utterly amazingly technical, with a great frintman, band of the day by a million miles

Cheers to Ross, the most underappreciated man in the Aberdeen Music Scene. Recognise.

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