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Nora/Hopesfall last night....

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So my first Liverpool gig experience last night - Nora were AWESOME! Pantera meets VoD, with Carl (Karl?) looking exactly like Phil Anselmo used to. "This next one is fast and heavy. You may have noticed, it's kinda our thing..." Loved it.

Hopesfall were like they are on record - good for a while, but then become a bit tedious and boring. Good set tho', and the new stuff sounds like a step towards GlassJaw territory.

Scarlet have been "robbed" apparently, and didn't make the entire UK tour. Boo. Turnout was lower than I'd expected, thinking Liverpool was this massive city, but there were probably the same number of folks there as were at Norma Jean in Kef.....

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Guest Nikola Tesla

Sounds like a class gig.. although scarlet being there would have made it immense.

(remebers to buy new(ish) Nora album when next has cash)

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