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Venue For Use, little or no charge

Just Matt

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Hi Folks

I have a venue available for use, near Turriff.

I converted a barn for my wedding and now I am left with a great venue for gigs that needs to be used. At this early stage I'm not really looking to make much money on it just get word of mouth out of its availabilty and potenial. Any kind of charge would be based on what kind of event was going on

It's out of the way a bit but is a great rustic place full of character. I'm open to suggestions.

Please get in contact if you are interested and want to use it

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Sorry that would help! Venue is 2 Seperate Rooms

-Stage room

Stage (roughly 4m x 2.5m with raised drummer area)

Dance floor Space 8m x 4m...ish

Whiskey barrel tables with bar stools seating for about 9 people

House drum kit

House PA system

-Bar Area

3m Bar equiped with optics (as yet no license I'm looking in to this but right now as I'm not looking to make money I would advise a mobile license)

Tradional ale pump(only set up for home brew right now)

3xFridge Space

Ice Freezer

Seating and tables for roughly 50 people

Also external seating,patio area and external trdional woodfire italian pizza oven. Parking space for 15 cars(perhaps more I have never really tested that).

******Important note!!!!! There are no public toilets as yet, again because I am not looking to make this a professional venture as yet I can not afford to install any, so mobile toilets would be needed for events.******

I'll get photos on, I can email them to anyone who is interested in the meatime

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yo, great idea and one that can work brilliantly in rural locations, such as the Woodend Barn in Banchory: Woodend Barn Banchory | Arts Venue

you should contact caroline at neat(north east arts touring) as she's always looking for new venues and promoters for theatrical performances in the north east: NEAT North East Arts Touring - bringing theatre to Aberdeenshire, Moray and Angus

one thing you don't mention though is insurance, i trust you're all upto speed on such things. even if you're looking into it as a professional venue(why not though?! get a group of people together and go for it) you will likely need liability insurance. particularly if you're hiring the place out.

if you want any advice or tips I can put in touch with the people that have built up the Woodend Barn. (i work there).

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Thanks for the info Daveofficer

I would like to one day see the place as my job but I'm going to take a causious toe dip into this. The venue is part of my home so losing it and failing means losing everything.

I plan to span alot requirements the place can cover weddings,art exhibitions, theatre.....in fact the list is pretty endless!

On the legal side i've got a ton of research to do what with license and liabilty, but for the time being I would need promoters and organisers to provide their own hence the near freebie invite of use for now.

Watch this space I'll get a facebook page up quite soon so anyone interested can get all contact and location details plus I'll put tons of photos up of the place

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Totally agree with that!

I was looking at toilet hire when I was getting the place ready for my wedding,not cheap!!

I am 100% committed to getting toilets installed but with a 9 to 5 and 0 in my budget right now I really could not guarantee when they will be built. But this does take me back to my point of this will be cheap to hire as there will obviously be other things required

I'm thinking if anyone is interested right now I would offset costs based on the hire on and supply of extras. I really can't stress enough I'm looking pretty much non profit for the time being I just want to get the word of mouth advertising up and running till I'm in a postion to make the place my career.

I need to to get some proof out now before I start sounding desperate so I'll get these photos out ASAP

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