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The Smiths Indeed @ the Lemon Tree - Saturday 5th November

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TICKETS: THE LEMON TREE LOUNGE : Productions : The Smiths Indeed

If, in the autumn of 1982, you were a pair of budding young songwriters and performers about to unleash a series of wounding pop songs about sexual attraction and solitude upon an unsuspecting Britain and were surrounded by bands with names like Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds and Slaughter and the Dogs, is it a surprise that your retort would be a name such as The Smiths? Between October 1982, when The Smiths performed their first gig supporting Blue Rondo A La Turk at the Ritz in Manchester, and the release of their seminal album The Queen is Dead in June 1986, that same pair of songwriters, Morrissey and Marr, in conjunction with Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, had written, recorded and performed a series of brilliantly illuminating pop songs that gave hope to a generation struggling to guide its way through the morass of a grey, turgid Britain blighted by the Falklands war, the Miners strike and Margaret Thatcher.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary since release of The Queen is Dead the album will be performed in its entirety by The Smiths Indeed, who reproduce with uncanny accuracy, the energy and the pomp and ceremony of The Smiths during this period of the Eighties. The Smiths Indeed have been performing since 2005 and developed a rapturous following of their own amongst the notoriously hard to please hardcore Smiths fans both old and new. Due to an increasing demand for their incredible ability to reproduce the atmosphere of a Smiths show, The Smiths Indeed will be moving their performance into larger venues, enabling them to incorporate a more sophisticated concert containing state of the art lighting and video content without losing the feel of a 1980s gig.

"The Smiths Indeed are a brilliant tribute to The Smiths" i-D Magazine

Customers please note that standing shows in The Lemon Tree Lounge are strictly for over 14s; those aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Website: Smiths Indeed (The Smiths Indeed) on Myspace

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