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Roddy Woomble @ the Lemon Tree - Saturday 29th October

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TICKETS:THE LEMON TREE LOUNGE : Productions : Roddy Woomble

Familiar to many thousands of music fans as the front man in the Scottish rock band Idlewild, Roddy Woomble is also a celebrated solo songwriter & performer. He follows up the release of his acclaimed 2006 solo debut My Secret is My Silence with a brand-new album of new songs.

Roddy Woomble co-founded Idlewild in 1995, naming the band for the quiet haven featured in his then-favourite book, Anne of Green Gables. Given that the NME likened their early punk-fuelled sound - deftly revisited on their latest album, 2007's Make Another World - to "a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs", the quiet haven part was initially somewhat ironic, but gradually came closer as Idlewild meanwhile progressed through sweeping melodic rock to rootsy, melodic sparseness.

Extending that softer lyrical vein of Roddy's songwriting, 2006 saw his first solo release, My Secret Is My Silence, winning rave reviews across both the rock and folk press.

He was also a key instigator behind the acclaimed 2007 album Ballads of the Book, bringing together leading Scottish poets and musicians to collaborate on new songs.

Roddy went on to record and release the album Before the Ruin with Kris Drever and John McCusker in 2008, which they toured extensively around the UK to much praise. The new album, recorded on the isle of Mull and produced by John McCusker will be released in the spring of 2011. As well as songs from the new album, the set will feature tunes from My Secret is My Silence, Before the Ruin alongside several Idlewild numbers.

Praise for My Secret is My Silence

"A stunning piece of work" 5/5 - The Sunday Times

"Tender and epic, enormous yet touching" BBC Music

Website: Roddy Woomble | The Impossible Song & Other Songs

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As a folk fan, I enjoy Woomble's voice and lyrics and LOVE Before the Ruin by Drever, McCusker and Woomble - but find his patter pish poor.

I'd have to agree with you. Most of the time I find myself wondering why he's bothering to play gigs at all as he really doesn't seem to enjoy them in any way.

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Yeah, I've seen Idlewild live about six times and Roddy live twice, I don't think I've ever been dissapointed. As Johnny says, he is a shy guy, well I've met him about three times and he comes across as quite sheepish. I don't really care about his shit patter either so I should be along to this :rockon:

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Guest Gladstone

I saw Idlewild once live not really knowing that much of their stuff and was massively impressed. Brilliant live show - they all looked well up for it.

Saw Woomble on the Secret is my Silence tour and that time at Lemon Tree when Heidi Talbot supported and thought both times were excellent. I don't think his patter's that bad to be honest. He's obviously pretty shy, but I've heard far far worse patter than his.

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Guest Gladstone
I saw him at the Lemon Tree a few years ago with Bob and Christy. Got really drunk afterwards and ate three hot dogs from the Tasty Tattie on the way home. Best night EVURRRRRRRRRRRRRR. :rockon:

Those weren't hot dogs

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Maybe so... he just comes across a bit sullen though. Never more so than when playing with Drever and McCusker who are both really funny. When he came to the Exposure night I thought he seemed in a right bad mood so I guess he's always like that.

Fantastic gig on Saturday.

I though Roddy's stage banter was really good. He was light hearted and pretty funny.

Absolute gentleman after the gig too, taking time to speak to everyone, sign albums, get photos taken and be a generally top bloke.

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