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James Vincent McMorrow @ the Lemon Tree - Sunday 9th October

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TICKETS: THE LEMON TREE LOUNGE : Productions : James Vincent McMorrow

Currently playing live for James Vincent McMorrow is a hushed and reverential affair, each show met with pin drop silence as people follow every word, every syllable. It will not always be this way though, as James dreams of a much grander affair in the near future. I do want the music to be played how it is on the record, I dream in vivid Technicolor when it comes to my songs, not just black and white. I hear it with drums and horns and accordions and banjos and anything else that can be hit or strummed! Playing on my own right now is beautiful because it allows me to connect on a very primitive level, but Id like to be in a place soon where I can be surrounded with friends on stage to share this with me.

Whatever that near future might hold, you get the strongest sense that there are some truly wondrous things to come for this man. Music to me is this fluid notion, Ive captured one element of it with this album, but there are endless others out there to be sung and written about.

Website: James Vincent McMorrow

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